Mia DELETE 08:23:46 oh gooood because he banned luci that would have looked so bad
diana15 DELETE 20:23:47 lol
Brownboy_ DELETE 18:53:55 @Mia cool did you sleep well
Beeskeeper DELETE 23:23:57 How could I ever forget you @Brownboy_
Mia DELETE 08:24:03 oh it was Goldie because he was here when I left
Beeskeeper DELETE 23:24:15 Yes
Brownboy_ DELETE 18:54:17 @Beeskeeper aww so sweet how are you millie
Mia DELETE 08:24:19 @Brownboy_ not really 😂 but I’ll sleep more
Mia DELETE 08:24:30 weird he didn’t ban her. That doesn’t make sense
Beeskeeper DELETE 23:24:42 @Brownboy_ I am good thank you. Wbu?
Brownboy_ DELETE 18:55:00 @Mia you have to cos ik you were here lately so you need to sleep more
Beeskeeper DELETE 23:25:05 Exactly... And everyone was like ban her
Brownboy_ DELETE 18:55:10 @Beeskeeper I'm good too thanks for asking 😊
Mia DELETE 08:25:30 @Brownboy_ thanks I will sleep more. It’s the weekend so no classes
Mia DELETE 08:25:42 hmmm that’s super weird
Beeskeeper DELETE 23:26:01 I can't believe how people can just show up here and be rude to other peeps they barely know
Mia DELETE 08:26:07 did you ever find out who that person was with just the letters as a name?
Brownboy_ DELETE 18:56:11 @Mia yeah I know you told me yesterday
Beeskeeper DELETE 23:26:17 Lmao noooo
Blank DELETE 00:26:21 hii
Mia DELETE 08:26:26 the fghyuyjj or whatever person. He was so mean to me in pm
Blank DELETE 00:26:26 imma child...
Beeskeeper DELETE 23:26:28 It was something like bdhshshshdh
Scur DELETE 08:26:34 Hi
diana15 DELETE 20:26:35 @Blank hey child lol
Blank DELETE 00:26:35 Hello scur
Brownboy_ DELETE 18:56:39 You talking about?
Mia DELETE 08:26:38 @Blank hi!
Blank DELETE 00:26:44 Hello
diana15 DELETE 20:26:49 @Scur hey
Mia DELETE 08:26:51 Ugh
Beeskeeper DELETE 23:27:01 @Blank hello
Mia DELETE 08:27:11 @Brownboy_ someone that was here yesterday and was rude but hiding behind a fake name
Blank DELETE 00:27:12 Soo what we doing here?
Mia DELETE 08:27:28 @Beeskeeper yeah I don’t get how people can do that either
Blank DELETE 00:27:33 ....
Brownboy_ DELETE 18:57:35 @Mia ohh okay it's normal here now
Beeskeeper DELETE 23:27:35 Mia he said he was high at so I assumed he couldn't spell his name lmao
Blank DELETE 00:27:40 Answer me please
Beeskeeper DELETE 23:27:53 *af
diana15 DELETE 20:27:57 haha
Mia DELETE 08:28:00 @Brownboy_ I guess that’s true. I don’t like it in pm tho
Brownboy_ DELETE 18:58:00 Chippy was rude with me yesterday
Mia DELETE 08:28:09 @Blank nothing is going on
Blank DELETE 00:28:12 Ohh ok
Beeskeeper DELETE 23:28:21 So he spelt his name like gsisishsjwmfjd
Blank DELETE 00:28:29 Then why dont i start to sexually assault ppl
Brownboy_ DELETE 18:58:31 I'm habitual now these things
Mia DELETE 08:28:40 @Beeskeeper lmao he was saying specific things to me that made me thing he knew me and he was really gross and rude so it freaked me out a little
Blank DELETE 00:28:40 Hehehehehe