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Hello and welcome to the world of funny chat rooms on Funny chat room - A fun place to be at where the fun never ends.

We proudly present to you our latest chat rooms called the funny chat rooms. We have named this chat avenue funny chat room not because of any other reason but just because it is so much fun. Now in these funny chat rooms anyone can chat on one or any of the funny chat room sections.
Our funny chat room has a lot to offer to its users, who can enjoy and keep on availing our services for unlimited amounts of fun.

This chat avenue is a dedicated place for users to have fun with other online users and have interesting funny conversations with others. The basic purpose of our funny chat room is to provide our regular users and the newcomers with an interest in chat channel which is much more fun than other chat rooms.

Did you come here looking for fun?

Here you have it.

The funny channel is made for people who are funny themselves or like to have fun in any way possible. In order to provide our users with fun and chat related activities, we have decided to include the following for non-stop fun.

Funny Memes

Funny memes have been one of the most searched for terms relating to memes on Google.

What is a funny meme you ask?

Memes can be a concept, an element of social behavior, belief system or a general practice which thrives and grows in a culture through imitation, often the mindset of people that is passed out and around in a culture.

Want to know more about funny memes?

Here’s an example down below for you

Funny Memes can be something such as an image, phrase or video that is shared among masses with the help of social platforms on the internet. Many forms of memes and funny memes are shared on a daily basis via numerous social networking platforms in order to achieve humorous effects.

With the introduction of our latest channel where users can share funny memes with other users and chat partners they may have. The purpose of this funny channel is to provide users with unlimited opportunities to have endless fun with the stranger community. We aim to make this funny channel even more fun in the times to come by adding more fun and entertaining components.

Funny Jokes

To add more fun to this channel you can share funny jokes within the funny chat room among other users for a quick laugh. Not only does this help lighten up the mood of readers, it also earns you respect from other users online who benefit directly from your funny jokes and posts.

A good sense of humor is always appreciated and is best translated by sharing funny jokes or real life stories that can be relayed as funny jokes for a good laugh. You can share funny jokes on this channel specifically made for users who are funny and would like someone equally funny to have fun with.

Read more funny jokes here

and here

So what are you waiting for.

Start sharing funny jokes and become the life of the party on this funny and funky channel.

Fun games

The fun does not end on this channel, if you are looking for more fun activities other than sharing funny jokes or funny memes, you are welcome to try fun games for free. When it comes to playing fun games user imagination is the limit, you can think of any game that you might want to play with your chat partner in this funny chat room. Apart from chat games TWS community users can play new fun games with other users, like riddle games and ask riddles with answers hidden behind a spoilers button.

Check this out:

We also have some fun games for our users to try online including multiplayer fun games and challenging games to play with strangers online. Our section of fun games is available to all users who log on to talkwithstranger to have fun with other users and strangers.

Fun games section includes chat games for you to play with other users as texting games while you chat with strangers and friends. If you want to try free multiplayer games, Adventure Time is a fun game that you can play with other users online and interact with them within the game.

An alternative Bomb Boy to the classic bomber man is also available for everyone to play. This fun game can be played with stranger and friends. This game offers its users a good fun run competing against other online users.

Hexa-Tetris is one of the most challenging fun games you can play online. This game really keeps your eyes glued to the screen and hands busy controlling your hexagonal object to match the colors.

Funny pictures

Users can share funny pictures other than funny memes to other online users who are chatting and using TWS services. You have the option of sharing funny pictures on any of the several chat rooms available for you to join.

That’s right

Just like the way popular social platforms support sharing images and funny pictures our chat rooms also support sharing of images and funny pictures. Users can share funny pictures directly with their chat partner or group chat partners, sending and receiving images and funny pictures has never been this easy not this much fun.

TWS community of users share some very cool and funny pictures with other online users of TWS and gain massive activity through sharing. In addition to sharing static funny pics users can also share funny gifs with each other.

Funny gifs

What are funny gifs?

For those who do not know what is a gif file, to begin with.

GIF is short for Graphics Interchange Format which is a type of image format that allows for heavy compression of image files usually for use on the internet. The compression in GIF format helps images to be transferred rapidly without using a lot of bandwidth.

GIFs are hugely popular on social networks and among a group of friends. TWS social community users have been sharing their favorite Funny gifs on the community with other users. Huge levels of activity show how much Gif images are loved.

The most popular version of a gif is the animated gif version where a string of images are played in a sequence to give them the appearance of a video. Gifs are widely used and shared specially on social networking platforms. Some of the best funny memes are made in gif format, which brings funny gifs to the top of the list when it comes to funny memes.

Funny videos

Users have the option of sharing funny videos along with sharing funny pictures and funny images on any chat room they are using. Short funny videos can be shared spontaneously with your chat partner or with multiple users in a group chat room. You will find many group chat rooms that are usually filled with users sharing funny videos and funny vines all the time.


This helps to keep the user activity levels high and helps to spread smiles all around. Many users share funny videos that end up going viral due to their content being extremely funny and hilarious. Sharing funny videos in group chat rooms is the norm these days and you will find many websites and social platforms filled with funny videos, funny pictures or funny memes.

Youtube funny videos

Who doesn't know about Youtube funny videos!

Have you ever been binge watching youtube funny videos?

Some people binge watch youtube funny videos and can't stop watching the endless fun until their eyes turn sore. Watching youtube funny videos is an addiction in itself which can only be quenched by watching the next upcoming funny video.

Mind you, it is not very healthy nor advisable to binge watch youtube videos or youtube funny videos. Seeing the fervor with which users love to share youtube funny videos within groups, we have included this feature. You will find many posts from users in the TWS social community who have made a collection of youtube funny videos and vines.

Funny quotes

Who doesn't love quotes, everyone has some special quote that they like. I can say for myself that I love quotes, it is quite exciting to find a new quote that is really draws attention.

TWS community serves it's valued users with the feature to post quotes relating to any subject be it funny quotes or inspirational quotes, quotes with a lesson or some very famous quotes that we all have heard.

Since this is the funny chat channel all the funny quotes that are posted go hand in hand with it. TWS social community members are already having awesome fun sharing funny quotes and posting about it. Check out the funny quotes posted by the social community members yourself.

Fun facts

Are you a fanatic for reading and knowing facts?

Facts are accurate pieces of information that people know to be true and those facts are largely trusted by many. Many funny facts are posted daily and used widely by most users. Comments are contributed by the social community individually and discussions spring up on the most interesting and funny facts.

Do you know some of the best fun facts that you have never been able to get out your head. Why not share them with us and the social community, this way the social community can chat and discuss about them as well. Fun facts are often a very good laugh for readers and can provide useful information at the same time.

Funny conversation starters

We found the fun niche so much exciting and decided to introduce lots of fun activities and chat rooms for our users to join in on the fun. One of the latest chat rooms we have launched is available for users by the name of ‘Conversation Starters’ and you can use any conversation starters to start chatting and having fun on this chat platform.

Users can use funny conversation topics in this channel as well as use them in the conversation starters channel for chatting and chat related activities. Users have complete freedom to use TWS chat rooms

Funny conversations

The main aim of having a chat room dedicated to funny memes, funny jokes, fun games, funny pictures, funny videos and funny quotes is to have a fun chat channel where every user can enjoy funny conversations and enjoy the whole experience. Initiate funny conversation here or over on the Conversation Starters channel. We hope you enjoy the services and have an awesome experience on this Funny Chat Room =)

Simple, honest and clear answers to simple questions are the base of chat. Random chat with sex agnostic and no pictures is amazing. If you don't know what a word means do not use it. Try to write accurately. Misspelling can cause misunderstanding and lead to bad impression!

  • Talking to strangers provides endless opportunities to enhance your own personal and professional networks.

  • Talking to random people can boost your confidence which could also make you more assertive. The more relaxed you feel talking and sharing with someone you don’t know – the easier it is to address problem situations.

  • Talking to strangers allows you to perfect two important life skills: asking questions and listening.

  • Talking to strangers allows you to practice connecting with people on a personal level.

  • Talking to strangers can provide you with endless inspiration for old problems and generate new ideas.
  • You Never Know Who You Might Meet. The person behind you on line could one day be your best friend or wife.

  • Random Acts of Kindness. The greatest aspect of talking to strangers is this: it gives you the power to make someone smile from ear to ear, each and every day.

  • It Can Spice Up That Moment. Meeting random strangers can be really fun. You aren’t committed to ever talking to them again, so if the person is really strange, it can make the interaction fun without any negative consequences.

  • Talking to strangers can help you overcome fears and confidence issues you never thought possible. Approaching strangers, or just turning your head and talking to someone sat next you can be extremely liberating.

  1. The secret is to inspire confidence to your chat-friend. Be honest on what you are and what you like and make him/her feel comfortable and laugh.
  2. Do not insist if the person on the other side doesn't want to send you something you would like to see or give you information like phone number and address. The most you insist on things, the more the possibility to get rejected
  3. RandomChat is between two people. More people in the same conversation is not chat, it is a party.
  4. Do not use a lot of exclamation points, ellipses, or many emoticons. Chat is to talk to each other and discuss. If you use many of them, your friend may be bored with this game and leave..
  5. In chat as in relationships, things do not get better with time. If you dont match with the other from the beginning, you'd better forget it and try someone else...
  6. Just because you're online, does not mean that you should always be available to chat with a person. When you cannot talk, do not talk..
  7. The chat is not equivalent to a phone-call. You can start chatting with each other and tell some things about you but remember that when you have chatted enough and see that you match, you could exchange phone numbers and get ready to meet face by face.
  8. If you feel like falling asleep, tell him/her that it is time to go to sleep and talk again the next day. If you fall asleep on the keyboard, you will feel awkward in the morning when you will see on your pc wake up messages, sad faces and so on. Have a happy random sex chat experience. Moreover, being like a zombie at work the next day is not a thing that you would like. That is why it is better to continue your chat the next day. You will also see if the other person is interested to talk to you again ... which is a good sign...
  9. Beware there are wicked out there. Do not reveal your address or if you are going to leave home for some time. Do not reveal what your daily program is and where you keep your secret and personal things. There are many stories that people had their homes robbed because they told to their new chat-friends information that they wouldn't know otherwise. Wanna tell you one?