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There is a lot more to the news of the world topic. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the evolution of the news industry

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Long gone are the days when the only sources of news were the newspaper and the radio. Of course, both of these sources churned out filtered content or content that the authorities of the world wanted the audience to know.

Fast forward to the present year and the landscape of the news industry has drastically changed. Isn’t that, right? The entire process from production to distribution has taken a 360-degree flip. The credit for all this goes to the internet of course.

On top of that, social media and chat sites that encourage discussion of news online also deserve a shout out. This is because these sources have created a two-way channel of news distribution. Consequently, sharing opinions regarding the news of the day is helping people becoming aware of each angle of the matter under discussion.

This is also the place where a site such as TalkwithStranger comes into the picture. You can talk, share, and discuss the news with strangers without having to worry about being judged for your opinions.

The Evolution of News and the Newspaper:

An in-depth dive into the history of the news reveals that the various formats, which have delivered and disseminated news have significantly changed. It also started with a word of mouth when folks on foot would break the trending news to others in villages and towns.

Even so, that news was never trending because it took messengers days to share the news. Such news was also the way old rulers managed their territories. We are talking about the time when countries weren’t sketched into the world map; long before the World Wars.

A case in point here is the Mughal rules. Their hold on their conquered lands was strong owing to these messengers who would aim to report any rebellion or dissatisfaction even before it had the time to stand on its feet.

Over time, each emperor improved their source of news. For example, a chain of messengers was stationed in various places to pass on the word to the king. As this era shifted, the radio and gradually, the television came into existence alongside newspapers.

Their standards weren’t as high as news from the new york times. However, in contrast with the previous word-of-mouth news sources, these news channels were brilliant. At the least, they brought news of the day to interested folks who would otherwise have to wait for days for any reliable news or rely on the word on the street.

Each medium which came in close succession to the other came with its merits and demerits. The radio brought news latest along with a hint of news entertainment. The TV delivered news of the world with facial expressions, which was really a charm back then, adding to the realistic element of news. Lastly, the newspaper that eventually started coming every morning, gave people a paper full of news! Big deal considering the times was old.

Over the course of time, newspapers evolved to news gazette and magazines. Slowly opinion-oriented news started to circulate, so people got the news of the world from sources that explained the world situation elaborately.

This, however, opened a Pandora box of issues – were these opinions to be trusted and how would the diversity of opinions be handled? The masses were left confused as authorities attempted to regulate opinions, which brings us to another latest change in the format of news distribution – social media. Read on to find out how social media has changed the news front.

How has Reading and Sharing News Content Online Made Our Lives Easier than Before?

Reading news online has made life easy in multiple ways. Here’s a quick look at some of the most prominent ways news online has changed our lives.

We are getting news of the day on the go without having to wait for the newspaper:

If you ever get your hands on an old movie, you’d notice a person waking up to a day by reading a newspaper. While this habit is still prevalent among several people, mornings in the current times typically start with scrolling online for your dose of daily news.

A cherry on top of that is that we get news of the day as we work throughout the day. News app and chat sites are constantly updated with trending news. You can even enable push notifications to get a quick glimpse of what is happening around the world.

The Impact of Social Media on News Dissemination:

Empowered People:

The biggest and most important impact of social media has been the voice that it has given people. Before that, the media industry was known for gatekeeping. This is a simple process whereby the authorities decide which piece of news and information goes to the general public.

The greatest downside of gatekeeping was that it controlled some points of view, whereas, shared the ones that it wanted to. By doing so, the media prevented people from making the right opinions.

After all, your opinion would only be half-right if you know only a small part of the entire picture. Hence, in a way, the media was always regulating the public’s opinion by withholding certain news snippets.

That’s not the issue with social media and online liberty though. All type of information is available, so your news online may or may not be authentic, but it gives you several parts of the picture without any gatekeeping.

Moreover, you have the freedom to make your opinions after reading news today from various sources and reaching a point that makes the most sense to you. This process is further smoothened with the help of chat forums where you can directly learn other people’s points of view and, even, discuss the news around the world with them.

Crowdsourced News:

Another benefit of the internet regarding this matter is that news is being crowdsourced. In other words, news comes from the masses even before mainstream media channels have got their eyes and ears on the matter.

In this way, the news production process has changed. What’s more, the very definition of trending has changed in the media field. Now, we get what is actually trending, not what was trending the day before as in the case of a newspaper or news gazette.

Hard to believe? Here’s an interesting TED talk, "How social media can make history" by Clay Shirky who is a consultant, writer, and teacher on the social and economic effects of journalism and Internet technologies. He discusses that news from traditional sources tends to be slow, so authorities can simply filter it out.

However, in the present times, news breaks on sources such as Twitter. The pace of such news latest is so fast that there is no way that it can be filtered, refined, and then delivered to the audience. Thus, it is easy to gather any types of news such as news of the world queen, news about Trump, or news about Iran.

Not only can you get news related to political matters, but also news entertainment. So, you get the whole shebang of news of the world in all walks of life online. Better yet, a news app can streamline your news feed, delivering news in the palm of your hand.

News Chatroom

The change in the news landscape witnessed a swift turn as social media entered the landscape. Before that, several TV show hosts emerged who worked to empower the masses. They’d often break through the regulations put in place by the authorities. With time, these restrictions also became lax. In several nooks and crannies, there were still countless people who did not get a proper, uncontrolled and un-monitored news of the day let alone getting the chance to voice their opinion in the world affairs. However, social media changed everything in the news today realm slowly but surely. Closely following along was chat sites like Talk with Stranger who provide forums and the liberty to discuss opinions related to the news online.

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